Inspired by yakitori izakayas, Big Night is going to be putting seasonal British-ish produce on sticks and cooking it on our charcoal grill. The food will be simple, loud and fun, perfect to be eaten with a beer in hand and friends at your side.

The menu will draw on a variety of influences rather than pretending to adhere to the concept of an authentic cuisine (this is not a Japanese restaurant). With respect to traditions, we will be cooking with integrity and creativity with ingredients and flavours that we love and are passionate about, in a way that
is innovative rather than traditional, and most importantly, tasty tasty delicious. We’re talking lamb hearts, smoked beetroots, pickled mussels, seasonal kimchis, miso banoffee.

We want everyone to feel at home here, a place for people to come together, the tables will be communal, you'll be asking your neighbour to pass the chilli oil and cheersing the whole table with a round of shots and sauerkraut. The energy will be lively and generous, the music loud and the lights low.

Every night will be a Big Night (well every Thursday, Friday,
Saturday and Sunday night).

See you soon x